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Islamic Careers
Islamic Careers

Islamic Economics Before Apostolic of Muhammad

In understanding the behavior of the Islamic prophet Muhammad before becoming an apostle, it will be good if seen backwards, a brief history of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He was born on 12 rabiul start year elephant (about 570 M) in the city of Mecca. Prophet Muhammad was the son of ' Abd-Allaah ibn ' Abd al-Muttalib of Banu Hasym and siti Aminah Bin wahab of Banu Zairah (orphaned, 2000: 4).

During childhood, the Islamic prophet Muhammad many experiencing the sad events. These events include death of his father when he was still in the content; his mother died, he left expression in a village called Abwa (haykal. 1980: 61). When in the course of the tomb of his father; then left his views (Abdul Munthalib) who have determination, a sharp view of the authority, the Honorable amongst the arab (Abdul Munthalib is the holder of the keys to the Kaaba (haykal. 1980: 62)

With a large number of trials that received the Islamic prophet Muhammad, not shattered our stride in wading through the rigors of life. After the Islamic prophet Muhammad left his grandfather's death at the age of eight, he was taken care of by his uncle, Abu Talib who later would be the person who introduced the Islamic prophet Muhammad to the world economy, especially trade.

Abu Talib was a citizen of the quraish tribe, which belongs to the poor. Abu Talib had many sons to him exaggerated colors. The efforts made by Abu Talib in his life are trade. Trading activity has been taking root inside of Abu Talib as well as other communities of the quraish.

Type the Prophet Muhammad was a child, i.e. the early days he was with Abu Talib, he helped his goat herding, which grazing was later made of inspiration that infinity for the Prophet Muhammad.

After the Islamic prophet Muhammad stepped on a 12 years old, he participated in the caravans to Sham (Syria). Grand National Assembly that direct trade led by his uncle, Abu Talib (orphaned, 2000: 17). In his journeys, the Group met with a priest named Bahir, knowing the signs of the apostolic age to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. When Abu Talib was told by the pastor, concerns that arise is if these signs are seen by the Jewish people, the Prophet Muhammad would have created the wretched

From trade to the Sham, the benefits that come by the Islamic prophet Muhammad in its trading business. The benefits of the most important thing are to join his Prophet Muhammad in the trade, the Islamic prophet Muhammad to know how to trade and how to be in the transaction of Commerce no who feels wronged.

When mature, the Islamic prophet Muhammad chose a career as an entrepreneur or more specifically a merchant (Agustianto, 2007). When to trade, he doesn't always use its own capital to trade on a small scale (Afzalurrahman, 1997: 6) and the more often he partnered with Mall or owners of capital shohibul (anto; 269, 2003). Places like Yemen, Bahrain, Syiriah or abysiniah become the destination of Muhammad when wearing his capital himself (afzalurrahman 1997: 9)

At the time the partner, the Islamic prophet Muhammad more diperaya become managers. Causes of the Islamic prophet Muhammad was known as siddiq (honest) and amanah (trustworthy). One of the most often become trading partners of Muhammad is siti Khadijah Bint Khuwalid, widow of wealthy Kingdom that later became his wife.

Travel trade show, first run the Islamic prophet Muhammad as conduct Covenant for results with Siti Khadijah is to Sham, in trade was the Islamic prophet Muhammad gained profit large (yatim, 2000: 17). Of the Islamic prophet Muhammad's tenacity, siti Khadijah keen to marry her.

After being married Siti Kahdijah, Prophet Muhammad continued to run its trading business, he also remained as the Manager of the trading partners as well as his wife (Muhammad, 2007: 10). The Prophet's trade business with his wife and handed over to a foreign country. In the history mentioned that once married, the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his wife traded in three places, namely: Yemen, Najd, Najran (Agustianto, 2007). In addition it is also involved in the festival's trade in the haji called Ukaz and Dhul-figure of speech (Agustianto, 2007). Later in the season-the other Prophet Muhammad more busy taking care of wholesale trade in the markets of Mecca.


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