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Islamic Careers
Islamic Careers

The Importance of Time in Islam

B i s m i l l a a h i r R a h m a a n i r R a h e e m

Assalaamu `Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu

Dear Brothers & Sisters,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
10 - 10 - 10
10th October `10

I hope you woke up this morning with a big smile on your face.
Prayed al-Fajr and read your Qur'aan to start your day off right!

I hope your breakfast was warm and tasted just right and you are smiling contentedly, when family members wish each other a cheery good morning ... and peace in your abode.

I hope that today, 10-10-10 is filled with lovely surprises and friends call you up just to say "Salaam" . . . and your loved ones tell you ..... "we are praying for you".

I hope you feel on top of the world with a spring in your step all the time when you think of Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala's Gracious and Merciful Blessings upon you ..........

I hope everything goes your way. In shaa'Allaah everything is well with your world, a place for everything and everything in it's place ..........

I hope you enjoy all you do ... in complimenting Islam by the way you feel when you read the Holy Qur'aan and benefit from Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala's teaching to your heart's content .....

I also hope, in shaa'Allah that ..........

If you have a bad day at work, be thankful to Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala.
Appreciate that you have a job. Some people don't.

When you pay your bills, be thankful you can pay them. If you see a gray hair, be thankful. Think of the cancer patient in chemotherapy who wish they had hair on their head ...........

When you find yourself waiting in line or the recipient of poor service, be thankful. Think about the people who have no food to eat and are hungry all the time ..........

When you realise how much work it is to take care of a house, be thankful you have a home. Think about those who are homeless and wish they had a home to take care of ..........

When you feel like complaining because you have to walk a long distance from your car, be thankful . Think of what it would be like not to be able to walk!

If you get irritated by other people's anger, apathy, ignorance, bitterness, or insecurities, be thankful. Things could be worse. You could be one of them!

When you think everything in your world is terrible, and you want to give up, think of the people who have been told they only have a certain amount of time to live. They don't want to give up.

So, I hope you have a perfect day . . . and that every day is just as wonderful in it's own way, and in shaa'Allaah you will be blessed with all you prayed for yourself . . . and those dear and close to you.

I hope that your Deen is firm and true ... and at the end of each day, to thank Allaah Almighty for all His Blessings and Mercies, but most of all to ..........
~ be thankful for His Ta'aala's Presence in your life ~
Waking up this morning, being alive ... is His Ta'aala's blessing to all of us.

~ Alhamdulillah ~

May Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala's Blessings and Grace surround you with happiness, peace, harmony, contentment, prosperiety and good health and for the Noor of the Holy Qur'aan fill your heart and soul. May the Truth of Islam bring unity in our Ummah and may peace in the dunya prevail. May Allaah Ta'aala accept your siyaam, qiyaam and ibaadahs. Aameen.

Fee Amman Allaah
Courtesy: Sister K a r i m a--DDN

Brothers and Sisters in Islam - did you know that as the clock ticked over from 20:01 hrs ( 8:01p.m.) on Wednesday, 20th February, 2002, it read (for sixty seconds only) in perfect symmetry? To be more precise at:

Time Date Year
20:02 20/02 2002 ( 2002 - 2002 - 2002)

This was an event which has only happened once before and, it is something that will never be repeated.

The last occasion that time read in such a symmetrical pattern was long before the days of the digital watch (or the 24-hour clock). It happened at 10:01a.m. on 10th January, 1001 (1001 - 1001 - 1001) and, because the clock only goes up to 23:59, it is something that will never occur again.

As you can gather from this, another year has passed, minutes move into hours, into days, into weeks, into months, into years - seemingly faster than ever - yet every moment is a precious component of life and every moment counts. Time marches on!
Time is very important for our success both in this temporary world and the eternal world to come. Therefore, if we really give value to our lives then, we must give due value to the importance that time has certain characteristics:
1. Time passes quickly.
2. Time that passes can never return, nor can it be compensated for, for time is irretrievable.
3. Time is the most precious thing that man possesses.
Keeping this in mind, our time is to be duly appreciated and managed. In Islam there is no room for slogans like the so-called "killing time", for in Islam time is really valuable. In fact, wasting time is much more dangerous than squandering money, because unlike money, time cannot be compensated. Free time is a blessing that is overlooked, and not wholly appreciated by many people. That is why the Allaah Almighty exhorts us in Soorah Al Munafiqun 63:10 to value the time we have before our life is up.
Realise that...
 Time is the measure of life, time is an amaanah (trust), time is a gift from Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala and its proper use will determine our outcome for eternity.
 We are born in time, live in time and die in time; time is the ambit within which we operate. What we do with time is what we do with our lives.
 Each one must realise that every moment that passes by is an opportunity gone, used or abused; never to return. Soon time will be up and we'll have to leave this physical world and give account for our lives.
 The more we remind ourselves of the responsibility of the present the better we get at living the moment and the better we live the present moment the better the consequence for the future.
So what are the important duties expected of Muslims? They are:
1. Ensuring benefiting from time
2. Utilizing leisure time
3. Racing to do good deeds
4. Learning from the passage of time
5. Seeking the superior times
6. Planning and organising time
7. Fulfillment of time commitments
8. Necessary awareness of time wasters
In his article "The Importance of Time in Islam," Dr. Norlain Dindang Mababaya advises us the following - quote:
"In general, sensible people know the importance of time.

There are among those who believe in the popular saying as “Time is gold.” Time in Islam is more than gold or any precious material thing in this world. Of all religions, only Islam guides mankind not only to the importance of time but also how to value it. Allaah the Almighty and His Messenger, Prophet Mohammad sall Allaahu 'alayhi wa sallam very clearly tell us the value of time, why we must not waste it and how we can make use of our time wisely to increase our eeman (faith) and thus attain success, especially eternal success in the life Hereafter.

Both the Qur’aan and the Sunnah enjoin Muslims to be conscious of time. We are reminded that life in this world is nothing but temporary. We never know when death has been appointed for us. We must value time for the satisfaction of Allaah the Almighty. For our guidance and success, we must never waste time nor abuse it.

Bin ‘Abbas narrated that Prophet Mohammad sall Allaahu 'alayhi wa sallam said:

“There are two blessings which many people lose: (They are) health and free time for doing good.” (Bukhaari 8/421)

Indeed, we displease Allaah the Most High when we abuse time. We must remember that time must be spent to fulfill our very purpose in life ¾ that is to worship Allah all throughout our lives. Allaah makes this very clear in the Qur’an when He says:

“I have created not the jinn and men except that they should worship Me (Alone). I seek not any provision from them nor do I ask that they should feed Me. Verily, Allaah is the All-Provider, Owner of Power, Most Strong.” (51:56-58)

“So glorify the praises of your Rabb (Only God and Sustainer) and be of those who prostrate themselves (to Him). And worship your Rabb until there comes unto you the Hour that is certain (i.e., death).” (15:98-99)

Everything we do in accordance with the Qur’aan and the Sunnah is an act of worship. Such worship must be done sincerely for the pleasure of Allaah alone. We should make use of our time (which includes our “free time”) in doing beneficial things especially those that will make us closer to Allaah and earn His Mercy.

We have to make use of our time wisely by knowing more of the Qur’aan and the Sunnah. We must have correct knowledge of what Allah and His Messenger have commanded us to do and at the same time to refrain from what they have forbidden us. This is imperative so that we earn Allaah’s pleasure and reward. Allaah the Exalted makes it very clear, when he says:

“O you who believe! Obey Allaah, and obey the Messenger (Muhammad) and render not vain your deeds.” (47:33)

Corollary to the above divine commandment, we must ask ourselves: Have we been obeying Allaah and His Messenger? To what extent have we used our time learning the Qur’aan and the Sunnah in order to have correct eeman (Faith), to do righteous deeds, to enjoin the Truth or do Da’wah, and be patient and constant? As time passes by, are we sure we are devoting our time for the sincere worship and pleasure of Allaah the Most High? Are we taking guidance from the following very enlightening Ayaat (Qur’anaic verses)?

“By the time, verily man is in loss, except such as have Faith, and does righteous deeds, and joins (together) in the mutual enjoining of Truth, and of patience and constancy.” (103:1-3)

In line with the above Qur’aanic injunction, we have to discipline ourselves by giving value to the importance of time. We must be prompt in doing good deeds, which will increase our faith and subsequently enable us to gain Allaah’s pleasure and mercy. We have to remember that on the day of judgement we shall be asked how we spent our lives, wealth and knowledge. In other words, we will be questioned on how we spent everything that Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala has given us as implied in the following Hadeeth:

Narrated Abdullah Bin Mas`ud Allaah’s Messenger sall allaahu 'alayhi wa sallam said:

“A man shall be asked concerning five things on the day of resurrection: concerning his life, how he spent it; concerning his youth, how he grew old; concerning his wealth, whence he acquired it, and in what way he spent it; and what was it that he did with the knowledge that he had.”

Aboo Barzah Nadlah ibn Ubayd al-Aslami narrated that the Prophet sall allaahu 'alayhi wa sallam said: “A servant of Allaah will remain standing on the Day of Judgment till he is questioned: about his age and how he spent it; and about his knowledge and how he utilized it; about his wealth from where he acquired it and in what (activities) he spent it; and about his body as to how he used it.”

If we are to evaluate ourselves objectively, have we been spending our time wisely for the pleasure of Allaah the Almighty? Have we been spending our lives based on the Qur’aan and the Sunnah? Have we been practicing Muslims? How many of us are Muminoon (faithful Muslims) and/or Mutaqqoon (God-fearing Muslims)? How much knowledge of the Qur’aan and the Sunnah do we know? Do we practice what we learn and impart the same to others or at least share them to our families and kin? Have we ever enjoined to others what is right and forbid what is wrong?

To be successful, we have to manage our time wisely by making plans for virtuous deeds that please Allaah the Almighty. We must spend time learning Islam (based on the Qur’aan and the Sunnah and the right deductions from these two scriptures)." - unquote.


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