First Step in your Career Planning – Don’t go Wrong?

First Step in your Career Planning – Don’t go Wrong?

Most of us are in a hurry to secure a position somewhere, just after the completion of college. We hardly give it a thought about where we are headed in our career. Initially, it might sound great that we have a job, when there are many who are unemployed, but having the wrong job is equally stressful. This is how you know that you are in the wrong job –

• You are moving from one job to another in quick succession
• It generally happens because you are on a quest to find the right kind of job but you end up in another wrong job and the chain continues until you retire.
• You are getting attracted to different job because you are not happy in what you are doing
• Good paycheck in another company also adds up to the reason of changing the job. But, what you forget is that you might end up doing the same boring thing from which you are running away. So, you see money doesn’t always lead to job satisfaction.
In fact, job satisfaction is a completely different thing and that can only be achieved when you are satisfied with the work that you are doing day in and day out.

Setting the right goal for your Career:

When you are making a career choice, you must do it keeping in mind whether it will help you reach the career goal that you have set for yourself! If you can develop a successful strategy to reach the professional goal, then you are on the right track, but if you fail to develop one, then you must realize that you have gone wrong somewhere. So, how is it possible to make the right career move?
• You will have to go through an honest evaluation of your skills,
• Look for things in the job that is close to your interests
• A job that will not only make use of your talent, but will also enhance it.

This will help you in figuring out the right career for you. When you choose the right career, then only will you realize how effectively you can manage your work and life.

Importance of Choosing Right Career:

Learning from the mistakes of their parents, today’s kids know that career fulfillment and job satisfaction are the only way of leading a happy life. Getting stuck in a wrong job will lead to frustration and problems in personal life as well. Why do you think right career is important?

• The right career choice will lead you to much greater heights in terms of happiness and success.
• Now, when the company will allow you the personal space and also let you enjoy the personal interest, then the workspace will not suffocate you but would prefer to stay even if it is a low paying job. This is because you will be happy with the way things are going for you. This is what the right career choice is all about.
• You must feel happy in whatever you do and also be satisfied with your contribution in the workplace. Most of us are on the lookout for careers that will help us enhance the skills that we have and also help us in learning new skills as we grow in our job. So, the right career is not only about a paycheck, instead it is more than that.
• If you are in the right career, then you will face challenges that will provide you the platform to make all the difference and also support the employer in developing the business. Playing an important role in the office is much more satisfying than a handsome paycheck where you don’t contribute much.

There are several new streams of opportunities out there, which will be best suited for you, if you look in deeply. It will provide you with great satisfaction and at the end you will feel like your day has not gone wasted. You will have to decide whether you want to be successful and unhappy or happy and content with the work that you are doing. You must not fall into the trap of being successful, but not happy with what you are doing. Make your career, your calling and see how it helps you in displaying the highest work satisfaction.

Change in the Attitude towards the Work:
The new generation of youths is no longer stuck with the 9-5 job bracket; instead they are looking for something meaningful and will also provide work/life balance. Now everybody wants to be known as socially responsible professionals. They do not fear the long working hours, instead they look forward to craft the work as their main objective in life and invest time and energy in building it successfully.

Right career at the end will be the source of your happiness; therefore, it is important to choose just the right career for yourself. When you are selecting a career, then you must take a note of one thing and that is the organization must share the same value as that of yours. Otherwise, you will feel stuck in a job and won’t be able to motivate yourself to give your best shot in the work you are doing.

The role that you are playing is important, but how much you are contributing towards the society is more important than anything else. A toilet cleaner can be happier than a bank manager at the end of the day, depending on how they are doing their job. A bank manager may get a handsome paycheck, but he might be in a job where his skills are not being used and he doesn’t feel that he is contributing anything towards the development of the organization. On the other hand, a toilet cleaner might feel that he is helping the society to stay clean and safe for everyone. He loves to help people and enjoy doing good things for the community, so his job helps him serve the community and it makes him feel good about the work he does.

The right career will help you find meaning in the job you are doing and view the job as ‘calling’. This will help you enjoy your work and your life as well.