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Islamic Careers
Islamic Careers

Day trade-How to Trade Gold Online

The market for gold is one of the most liquid out there. It offers a ton of opportunities for you to profit, no matter what the state of the market is like. If you want to learn how to trade gold online, there is also a plethora of guides to help you do this. Some people choose to actually buy the metal in its physical form and own it as a nest egg for the future.

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However, using gold trading on the stock market (GDL or GDX) to speculate about the future, equity and more allows you to gain leverage with minimized risk.
The value of gold isn’t a very stable one, as it fluctuates quite often. This can make trading quite difficult because there are many pitfalls that can cause a large loss in profits. The global markets in gold have a ton of different unique traits that can be utilized to your advantage, but it takes a lot of effort to actually learn this, and to keep up with the fluctuations in order to decide when to sell and when to buy stocks in the gold market.
One of the main reasons why people simply don’t trade in gold is the price. In order to invest in the gold market, a huge investment needs to be made. This can be tens of thousands of dollars. This opens up the gate to a large amount of risk as well. The smallest bad call could lead to massive losses that drain you financially and leave you broke.

Cheaper, Safer Alternative to Traditional GLD Trading

If you don’t want to take this type of risk, or if you simply want to be able to invest in the gold market without spending that much money, binary options is perfect for you. Binary options brokers usually offer the chance to trade in gold as a commodity. It is one of the trending assets for trades of any size because it is volatile and because it doesn’t get affected by most market factors that can impact the value of other assets. This makes it one of the safest to trade in, and is perfect for times when the economic stability of the world is in question as well.

The big difference in gold as a commodity in binary options is the cost. It can cust upwards of $10000 to trade in the metal in the traditional way, but with binary options this is cut down to hundreds of dollars instead. The margin for losses is also reduced significantly, making it far easier to deal with a single loss, learn from mistakes made and try again.

High Rate of Return and More Control

When trading in gold binary options, you gain a lot of control over just how much money you can win and lose. A return of up to 85% is offered by most brokers for wins. There are many ways in which the metal can be traded as well.

One of the most popular is the Touch/No Touch trade type. Typically, a traditional binary option trade would involve predicting that the value of the option would hit a certain upper or lower limit in a set amount of time. With this trade type, the value doesn’t have to touch the threshold. As long as the strike price and the direction of the value of the asset are correct, the win is granted to you.

While it is definitely true that gold is a volatile commodity, it is also one that can used very easily in the world of binary trades to your advantage. Make sure you get on a binary options broker and use it to earn some great profits!

How to Trade Microsoft Stocks

At present, the stock market is still reeling from the effects of major financial changes in the world such as Brexit, among others. Because of the focus on global events with a huge reach, smaller single-stock events aren’t getting the focus they need from brokerages and advisors.

If you are wondering how to trade Microsoft stock today or in the near future, you needn’t worry about not having enough guidance. MSFT (Microsoft) is one of the biggest technology companies out there, and has seen its share of rises and sharp falls.
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In the current day, the 2016 fourth quarter earnings report from MSFT showed strong earnings in most of its sectors, except for the smartphone sector because of its decision to call it quits on the Lumia series of mobile phones recently. However, experts say that stock at Microsoft is set to rise in the long term. The problem is that at present, MSFT is a company that is in transition, and the state of the company shows that in the short term, the value of shares could decline, especially with the largely negative reaction to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update in August.

How to Safely Trade MSFT Stock

If you don’t want to take the risk of buying a ton of stock in Microsoft only to find out later that you made the wrong choice, that’s okay too. Long term stock trades are scary, as they don’t yield immediate returns, and because the world is a very explosive place. Something could go wrong at any point, leading to massive losses for all investors waiting for long term returns. If you want to trade Microsoft but you don’t want to risk your capital, binary options trades might be the answer to your dilemma.

Short Term Trades with Quick Returns

Basically, binary options trades with Microsoft ask traders to invest a small amount of money from their account at a brokerage firm in accurately predicting the rise or fall of the value of the MSFT stock in a preset amount of time that ranges from 30 seconds to a month. For anyone who isn’t interested in playing the long game, and wants to see returns on their investments as soon as possible, this is perfect. Of course, the faster pace means that there is a higher risk of making a bad judgment call as well.

The good thing is that these won’t really make you lose a lot of money. If you were to make a bad call in trading actual stock, you would stand to lose no small amount of your savings. With binary options, you can only lose the amount of money you initially invested in the trade. This can be as little as $1. To add to this, a lot of the binary options brokers out there offer returns even when the trade has been lost, meaning you don’t lose everything when you lose a trade.

Basic Workings of Binary Trades

At its simplest level, binary trading works by predicting that the stock at MSFT will rise or fall to a certain level that you can set, in a set amount of time. Everything is in your control, from the invested amount to the thresholds and whether or not it will rise, all the way to the expiry time of the option. If the option reaches the threshold in the time specified, a return of up to 95% can be granted to you.

If it doesn’t, the loss isn’t going to hit you too hard. This is one of the biggest perks of binary trading, and when you factor in the fact that it is incredibly simple, you have yourself an investment opportunity that simply should not be passed up.


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