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Islamic Careers
Islamic Careers

Value of time in our life

Life is not what we think and we can't predict anything about it.Life and time goes side by side.We have to move forward in our lives by leaving the time behind us which gives us only memories that we can cherish or we can regret.Time tells us that the decision we take in our life is good or bad.Good decision encourages us and bad decision tells us our mistake so that we can rectify it,whether we rise or fall, we have to go forward.We have two options here:

1)We can live our life of survival waiting for the day to end and waiting for next day to come.
2)We can move ahead and achieve our goal,sets goal for future with deadline,take challenges,considering every day as our last day.
Time and life goes side by side,your life passes with time,won't stop with anything.

Time and life

Our life starts when we are born, unaware of the outside world, happy, tension free and then as time passes by, we began to realize our environment around us and we began adapt ourselves according to the environment around,start to learn new things and according to our environment our behavior changes.Then soon we realize the people whom we love and care .It shows the value of human's life. We make some mistakes in our life but we regret it as time never comes back for anyone, we try to learn from our mistakes and try to find every opportunity to correct our mistake.

We face the real challenge in our life when we complete our study and enters into the new world where a new change comes in our life.Our life doesn't remains the same as we were while studying,enjoying where we don't bother about anything .We have to be mentally prepared for that phase of life when this transition state occurs.We have to face new challenges and new responsibilities in our life.It is the most important phase of our life as we enters from learning to earning stage.
Every person has a certain aim,dream,goal in life and they serve as a motivation,inspiration in a person's life and it hurts very badly when he can't fulfill them and if we fulfill them we consider ourselves the happiest person in the world.But life is all about taking right decisions at right time.The problem is that we don't know when the right time is and when we realize it, it has already been passed.That is the beauty of life we expect the unexpected and unexpected happens to us suddenly.But time teaches a good lesson to us every time. When nothing is going right i look back at all the years i have spent with my friends, family,loved ones, all the good memories comes like a movie's flashback scene and wishing that i want to live that time again, but i can't and when the life is goinghappily we are always busy in planning our future.Time gives us a precious gift as our memories and it gives us every opportunity to make the best use of our time live happily ever after.

Life is a very beautiful journey and we have keep moving forward as this quote says“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” We don't know about what would be our future but we have make full use of our present so that our future becomes prosperous.Time and life is related to us by our past, present and future.We must learn from our past and make efficient use of our present and accordingly plan our future.So live life and enjoy the every moment of life as the moment that has passed never comes back.


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